Readers shared their thoughts when Dallas PD began their “cite and release” program, which will allow officers to issue a court summons to someone who has less than 4 ounces of marijuana. 


Mindie Holt Meth is a much bigger problem in our county and we should focus on that, not pot.

Charles Day Cite and release still has a day in court! But yes why tie up that much tax payer money over a little personal use. 

Sharon Rich ABSOLUTELY “NOT”... this mindset is exactly what’s wrong with society. It has been proven that marijuana is a prelude to more drug that’s just what we need here in Cleburne. More dope for the dopes! You steal a pkg of go to jail, not a slap on the wrist so you won’t do that again! Where’s the accountability for one’s behavior? Breaking the law is just that..Breaking the law & go to jail! We need to be ZERO Tolerance to this but more than that... no if’’s ands or but’s about breaking the law. THE END!!!

Mary Procell Get over it already! it’s the one thing that ain’t going to kill you but it will most definitely help you. Let’s take a look at the alcohol related deaths, pharmaceutical/OD deaths vs umm how many marijuana related deaths!

Tonya Horton O’Bannon Alcohol is more dangerous and ruins more lives than a joint ever will. Legalize it, regulate it and tax it for Texas education. Schools would have more money for hiring decent teachers and it would help all of the farmers.

Glenn Jackson Alcohol is a gateway drug! It leads to smoking and then the unconscious behaviors dwi lewd sex acts lost inhibitions, its Govt control tax money and more over accepted socially, if pot was a epidemic there would be another group like MAD form like maybe Mothers Against Pot (MAP).

Scott Patterson You people dont remember we got a very very expensive probation office...that needs to be paid for ..ppl who break laws are going to pay for it.. an weed is still against the law.

Misty Dawn Reed Isnt there murderes child molesters and other major crimes that should be more important?

Amanda Sharp It’s so crazy to me how against the law “weed” is in Texas and I live in a state you can walk into the store and buy it. It just blows my mind that people still care so much about a plant that has been proven to provide many things in lung medicine. I mean I lived in JoCo for my whole life. I promise there is way more to worry about.

Taylor Dodson I think if they do it in on city it should be the same everywhere. Kinda silly just to have that law apply to Dallas only..

Robert Miller Enforce the laws or legalize it. Stop with the quasi-legal manipulations like Dallas is trying. If it is to be made legal, it first has to be legal on the Federal level.


Readers shared their thoughts when the JN Long received visitors from the Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs to see if the grounds would be a potential place for the Robert E. Lee statue that Dallas took down in September. 


Kolby Wallis Bring it. History needs to be preserved, not dismantled and forgotten.

Donna Stuebing If anybody can get it done, he will. I look forward and am proud to have it in our neighborhood. 

Christian Gifford As long as it’s in a museum, no one will have a problem with it.

Laurie Hagar It would be great to have it here.

Jacob Forbes slave promoting douchebags shouldn’t get statues!!!! 

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