Cleburne residents were upset over news that resident Alex Wilson was hit while riding his bike Oct. 27, but thankful he was OK.

Sarah Loftice Duckett SO happy he is going to be okay, mind would have kept me up all night wondering how he was doing. Driving in opposing traffic is a practice for alot of bicyclists to get a good view of what’s coming at them. I’m sure he was terrified more than anything, but WE’VE GOT YOU Alex!! We are all thinking of you and can’t wait for another run in and hug soon!!

Lynda Sinclair Oh my goodness, this makes me so sad. So happy to hear that his injuries were non life threatening. We are all praying for a speedy recovery Alex Wilson. We love you buddy.

Stephan L Epley So happy he is ok and prayers for a quick recovery. Special thanks to the Doctors & Nurses at Texas Health Cleburne! Best hospital around!

Meleny Boyd I don’t know this young man personally or other wise, apparently he is very well thought of he has touched so many lives, it must be a blessing to know him. Prayers for him.

Tiffany Brister Omg so glad he’s ok. We met him at HEB and you couldn’t help but smile. Ever since then, if I saw him I’d tell him hi “Alex” and he always responded like he knew me. probably didn’t remember my name, but I remembered his from day one! He’s unforgettable! An amazing soul! Bless you Alex!

Brandon Jones Alex released a video saying that it was a woman that hit him she even stayed and was worried about him but Alex was fine just some bruises but he’s doing well. Wasn’t mad he even forgave her and his bike was fine as well I seen the video earlier all is good.

Brad Terri Stevens We are praying for a quick recovery and we know this won’t stop you Alex from all your great works you do here in Cleburne.

Linda Carson Wedel Alex here is a big hug going out to you. Prayers of thanksgiving also. I’ll give you a real hug when I get back in town!

Lisa Ann P Hope he’s 100% in record time. He brightens my day every time I see him.


Educators weighed in on the results of a recent study that revealed more teachers are more stressed out than ever before.

Katie Phelan Dodd As an ASP Instructor and a Parent my biggest concern is bullying. To me it’s not taken seriously whatsoever. My Son stood up for himself because he was getting bullied and had enough. No one listened to him and every time he would say something to a Teacher they would tell my Son “Don’t listen to them”’or “Just walk away”. They never addressed the issue at all or the parents. So this kid kept running his mouth and my Son took matters into his own hands. But the outcome was that MY child had to eat lunch in the office for 3 days and the bully got off Scott free!! How does this even make sense?

Katie Phelan Dodd Parent/Teacher interaction. There are Parents who are very involved and some who aren’t. There are Teachers who are very involved/invested and some who aren’t. It takes teamwork from each side to communicate or issues that need to be addressed. Yes I understand that each Teacher has a full class, but at the same time if a student is falling behind, or needs that extra push, or their acting out because they can’t focus and what not, these need to be addressed ASAP! Teachers aren’t mind readers, and Parents tend to forget this. I’ve seen first hand Parents saying so and so has this but it was never addressed the first day of school, nor on the school forms BUT on the THIRD month of school. Open and honest communication is the KEY!

Laura E. Napolitano Not a teacher anymore, but the biggest stressor was always feeling like no one had my back. Many school districts foster an us versus them mentality.

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