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Those who followed Jimmy Aiken’s radio show the past 40 years said they were upset in May when they found out he was no longer hosting KCLE’s Trade Fair — a talk show where Johnson County residents called in with items they wanted to sell.

An article about Aiken’s sudden departure was posted on the Times-Review Facebook page where many shared their thoughts.

“So sad, I hate change,” Donna Stuebing said. “I have lived in Cleburne for 30 years and the station has been a part of my life ever since.”

“Nobody can say ‘Zimmer-er-er Kubota’ like Jimmy,” Barry Payne said.

“Jimmy is such a good man,” Courtney Walker said. “Gonna miss hearing his voice”

Aiken said his fans will be pleased to know he begins a new Trade Fair at 10 a.m. Monday on KPIR 1420 AM in Granbury.

“Hopefully, my Trade Fair on KPIR will sound the same as it always has,” Aiken said. “We’ll buy, sell, trade, and giveaway, and at the same time have a lot of fun doing it.”

Jerry Reynolds, the owner of KPIR, approached Aiken about doing the show for him when he was let go in May.

“I look forward to working for him and Lee Riza at KPIR, talking again with friends I have made over the years on the radio and making new friends as well,” Aiken said.

Reynolds said he cannot wait for Aiken’s show to begin.

“My entire family is from around Cleburne and Grandview and I’ve listened to Jimmy Aiken many times,” Reynolds said. “It’s rare that you get the opportunity to hire someone who is a legend in radio and I certainly consider Jimmy a legend.”

“One thing people always say is how much they love his show and I can see why. Jimmy is such a gracious host and we are thrilled to have him be part of the team.”

Aiken said his Trade Fair fans have given him a lot of support the past two months.

“Many of my listeners at KCLE have been keeping in touch with me with phone calls and emails,” Aiken said. “As a matter of fact, some threw a party for me back in June.”

During his downtime in between stations, Aiken said he has kept quite busy.

"One of my sons and daughter-in-law invited my wife and me to a sailing adventure in the British Virgin Islands in June,” Aiken said. “And, if I ever begin to look too bored, my wife has no problem finding me something to do.”

Aiken said Trade Fair is going nowhere anytime soon if he can help it.

“Contrary to anything you may have heard, I’m definitely not ready for retirement,” Aiken said.

The show will air from 10 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday.

To follow Aiken on his new journey, visit www.jimmyshangout.com.

KPIR 1420 AM to host new Trade Fair

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