Cleburne Times-Review, Cleburne, TX

December 2, 2012

Art teacher kneads bread for retirement

Coy Shelton of Cleburne follows dream for second career

By Matt Smith/


Should you drive down Bellevue Avenue, especially on Thursdays and Fridays, you might hear opera  music. Don’t be alarmed. 

That simply means Coy Shelton is busy baking a fresh batch of bread, and scones.

The former Venus High School art teacher turned to baking about two years ago after retiring, a choice that sprang up out of nowhere.

“I’d kind of baked a little before for fun, had a few bread [recipe] books, but nothing professionally,” Shelton said. “Really just needed to do something to generate a little spending money and trying to sell bread versus something art related seemed to make more sense. 

“So, it was part necessity plus I enjoy the process of baking, and I like bread.”

Shelton’s career change took his wife, Jami Shelton, aback initially, he said.

“Right at first I think she had a hard time seeing the pluses,” Coy Shelton said. “I had to remodel [the garage area], put a fire wall in and bought most of the equipment through auction sites.”